An innovative new solar powered bollard offering the latest in solar power technology.

Solar Powered Illumination from Dusk til Dawn

With its self-contained energy source, low installation cost and minimal maintenance requirements, Solarpost is designed to offer an economical lighting solution that can work in numerous applications.

Powered by cutting edge solar technology, the bollard remains illuminated at a low level throughout the night, but when approached by a car, pedestrian or a bicyclist a sensor system will brighten the lighting to fully illuminate the way.

The post, a product of cutting edge European sustainable design, has a solar collection area producing up to 20 watts of power resulting in 64 lux of light level with minimal LED power consumption. One Solarpost bollard generates anywhere from 0.5W on an overcast day to approximately 4.1W on a bright and sunny day. The light stays on at a low level from dusk to dawn and on a full charge it will work for approximately ten days with no sunshine.

The Solarpost is available in two heights – 42.5″ and 30″. The post is produced in silver anodized aluminum with either silver or graphite gray dome molded end cap. Custom colors and heights are available. All solar components including the battery can be housed inside the bollard.

Solarpost Features

  • 145.7 square inch energy collection area from 5 solar collection areas ensures maximum performance

  • Permanent low level lighting at night

  • 5 separate power point tracking inputs to maximize solar energy gathering, regardless of orientation and location

  • 3 year warranty on all parts

  • Full software technical support

  • 3.4v lithium battery, maximum efficiency with 10 year guarantee

  • Average 64 lux illumination on the ground with only 900mw LED power consumption

  • 10 days autonomy

  • PIR sensors provide automatic bright-up on approach

  • Solar panels will charge in ‘grey’ light as well as ‘sun’ light

Technical Information

In bright sunlight the post generates approx. 4.1W

On an overcast day the post generates approx. 0.5W

These values were obtained with the post having a clear view of the sky all around. They will vary greatly depending on the position of any trees or buildings in close proximity.

In bright sunlight the poster case generates approx. 10.3W

On an overcast day the poster case generates approx. 1.25W

The post has a PV collection area of 145.7 square inches

The poster case has a PV collection area of 513.36 square inches

Although the poster case has a collection area 4 times the post, it only generates 2.5 times as much power, due to self-shading.

Yes, the light will be on permanently at a low level from dusk to dawn provided the product receives some charge every day.

The battery is sized to run the light at a low level for 10 days with no charging. In bright sunlight a depleted battery will fully charge in under 8 hours.

The Solarpost has been specifically designed to work well in Northern latitudes in the Winter. The PV panels are mounted vertically give the best performance when the sun is low in the sky. The electronics module uses advanced algorithms to adjust the power supplied to the LED to give the best possible performance commensurate with the solar power received.

The light stays at the bright level for 20 seconds and then slowly fades down to the low level over approx. 7 seconds.

Fully potted electronics module with sealed connectors providing IP67 protection.

The LED light is driven a long way below its maximum rating. This makes it very efficient and provides a long life. Its calculated life is in excess of 10 years.

The battery has a calculated life of greater than 5 years. Warranty 3 years

Yes, we offer a 3 year warranty on all parts.

The PV panels and LED should be cleaned once a year, preferably in Autumn. Only use a non abrasive detergent and water. DO NOT pressure wash.

The lighting control algorithms monitor how many times the sensor is activated and will automatically reduce the brightness and/or duration of brightup to preserve energy.

The post will work for approx. 10 days with no sunshine, assuming the battery was fully charged at the start.

low level 120 mW bright up 600 mW

There is no real-time clock in the Solarpost product. Software can be developed if necessary to provide on/off times at set times after/before dawn and dusk.

The brightness of the lights is fixed in software. Lighting can only be adjusted by changing the software in the factory – not in the field

Yes, total shade was simulated by measuring the charging performance on a completely overcast day. Full cloud coverage with no sun visible. Charging was measured at 0.5W. This is more than sufficient over an 8 hour period to provide over 16 hours of night running with the LED at the background level.

Yes. It is important to make sure that the product receives as much sun as possible during the Winter. Things to consider are overhanging trees, buildings casting shadows, positioning in the entrance of subway tunnels etc.

We can only use white light at the moment. Other colors would require redesign of the LED module. The product uses a daylight white LED of around 4000K color temperature. Different LEDs could be fitted with colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6000K.
Special software could be written to flash the LED instead of a steady light.

4000K color temperature

Yes the post is also removable from the base fixing.

Yes. By monitoring how much charge it receives from day to day and the length of night it can adjust its performance to suit.

Yes. The product has a built-in circuit to prevent the batteries from being completely discharged and destroyed. If kept in the dark for 24 hours it goes to sleep and wakes up when it sees light. With a fully charged battery it can remain asleep for up to one year and still wake up when it sees light.

All of the components are completely sealed or potted to prevent moisture ingress. IP rating 67 protection.

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Beyond innovation, we think that focusing on sustainability is the future of our industry and Solarpost is an important step towards that future and the first of many additional products.

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