IDS is a proud to manufacture and distribute Solarpost, an innovative, solar-powered illuminated bollard designed for outdoor commercial use.

We strive to be at the forefront of innovation and are really excited to finally offer our first modular, solar wayfinding product. But beyond innovation, we think that focusing on sustainability is the future of our industry and Solarpost is an important step towards that future and the first of many additional products.

How exactly does Solarpost relate to sustainability and eco-friendly lighting solutions?

Well, how about zero energy costs?

Solarpost has a self-contained solar collection area producing up to 20 watts of power resulting in 64 lux of light level with minimal power consumption. One Solarpost bollard generates anywhere from 0.5 Watts on an overcast day to approximately 4.1Watts on a bright and sunny day.

Even in shade, charging is more than sufficient over an 8 hour period to provide over 16 hours of night running with the LED at the background level. And in northern latitudes that see little sunshine for a few months out of the year, the PV panels mounted vertically give the best performance when the sun is low in the sky. The electronics module uses advanced algorithms to adjust the power supplied to the LED to give the best possible performance commensurate with the solar power received. The light stays on at a low level from dusk to dawn and on a full charge it will work for approximately ten days with no sunshine, thanks to automatic power regulation.

So if you’re developing a sustainable strategy that also is good for the bottom line, Solarpost is the solution for you. It reduces your energy consumption and the maintenance costs associated with the operation of commercial outdoor wayfinding solutions. You’ll see significant savings on installation costs compared to traditional hard-wired systems and the absence of wiring makes it easy to deliver light to exterior environments where the supply of electrical power is complex and expensive.

Eco-friendly lighting doesn’t have to equate to higher costs. Sometimes, eco-friendly is the solution for lower costs.

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