Our custom signage creation process is built around our experience working with large institutional and municipal sign systems. With our powerful database and mapping approach we can complete full surveys and create large scale plans for the development of interior and exterior sign systems. We can also analyze the regulatory environment including code and regulatory approvals.

  • Evaluate Location for Access

  • Measure Sign Location

  • Assess Installation Needs

  • Submit Data to Project Management, Design and Engineering for Review

Sign Creation Process - Planning


We manage the complete sign creation process, or we can support architects and designers to facilitate their design vision. Starting with conceptual design and visualization we can develop a complete design vocabulary as well as cohesive identity guidelines including type, color and materials. IDS also has the unparalleled ability to test design through color samples, mockups and legibility testing.

  • Review Survey Information

  • Check Local Authority Requirements

  • Analyze Existing Site Conditions

  • Produce Aesthetic Design for Submittal to Client

  • Produce Amendments, Resubmit to Project Manager for Client Approval

  • On Approval, Submit to Engineering


Throughout the design process we utilize both durability and a value engineering approach built around the programmatic needs of each project. This includes testing of mockups for materials and technology as well as documentation through shop drawings, engineered stamped drawings and guidelines.

  • Produce Necessary Cut Files for Production

  • Ensure Survey Information is Correctly Assimilated into Design

  • Produce All Installation Templates

  • Quality Check and Submission into Production

Sign Creation Process - Engineer

Manufacturing Manager Bill McMahon and Mechanical Designer David Dillon work closely on every client project.

Sign Creation Process - Manufacture

Our fabrication team working with great precision on the RIT Magic sign.


Our manufacturing approach is built around our experience in the creation of architectural and modular products for large wayfinding and identity programs. We focus on excellence in the details, from materials to lighting elements, to manufacturing to packaging and shipment. Our extensive planning and project management ensure the best results for small- and large-scale challenges.

  • All Manufacturing Tasks Conducted Within IDS Quality Control Environment

  • Multi-stepped Review and Control Process

  • Only Quality Sign Materials Used in All Applications

  • Fully Integrated Production Management Process

  • Inspect Final Products Prior to Shipment


Because of experience managing national and international projects we have the ability to arrange an installation team that can easily adapt to landmark or architectural venues. This includes experts in areas ranging from foundations to electrical work. We can also successfully manage the installation approval process for rollouts that require outside installation support.

  • Clear Communication with Customer Prior to Installation

  • Site Visit with Representative

  • Detailed Surveying Conducted On a Site-by-site Basis

  • All installations are coordinated by IDS and conducted by trained installers

  • Post-Installation Check, Photo Record and Completion Report Supplied On Each Completed Project

Installing Sign at Galisano

IDS coordinated installation at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

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