Project Description

Specialty Identity Illumination

IDS has taken its expertise in sign and landmark illumination and extended it to design and development of unique solutions for architecture, displays and even public art.

From Legible Prototypes to Dynamic Illumination

Our approach to design balances budget concerns with practicality, while being both simple to install and maintain.  We have applied this methodology in multiple products and projects including:

  • Solar power products including signs, displays, bollards and landmarks

  • Illuminated interior area lighting including ceilings, walls and even floors

  • Multi-color RGB lighting for landmarks, public art installations and signs

  • Illuminated boxes and enclosures that can be applied for landmarks, identity, interpretive and fixture projects. We also can apply graphics.

All of our solutions can be built for one project or mass produced by the thousand with durable packaging and clear installation instructions along with our personal support.

Our Latest Insights on Specialty Identity Illumination

What Eco-friendly Means with Solarpost

Beyond innovation, we think that focusing on sustainability is the future of our industry and Solarpost is an important step towards that future and the first of many additional products.

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