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Patient Communication Boards

A popular choice for academic and healthcare institutions.

Communication is critical to the operation of health care systems. JCAHO data shows that the underlying cause of 65% of sentinel events is a breakdown in communication. Our patented Patient Communication Boards were created with this problem in mind. They provide a tool for transparent communication among patients, care givers, non-care giving staff, and visitors. Based on data from trials with these boards, they can provide better understanding of care, provide a central location and organized means to communicate information about procedures, and clarify results of various efforts.

The IDS Patient Communication Board may be created with or without accompanying imagery to calm and soothe the viewer. patients and families can clearly see names of caregivers, schedules for treatments or activities, dates, or telephone numbers – the combinations are up to you. Promote clearer communication and watch patient satisfaction rise.

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Technical Information


Each of these communication systems is totally customizable including size, wording, images and logos. In addition, ID Signsystems provides a template library of tested elements. We work with your staff and administrators to determine your needs and preferences and produce a template that meets the unique needs of your facility.

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Each ID communication system is created in three parts: an easy-to-clean, dry-erase surface, a custom insert underneath, and an anodized aluminum, sturdy frame that snaps open on all four sides to make every board changeable.

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NEW! Frameless Behavioral Healthcare Boards

IDCS pioneered the Frameless Behavioral Healthcare Board to be used in settings where the typical patient communication board is not an option due to safety concerns.

The frameless panel is comprised of foam backer, a digitally printed custom sheet and a dry erase cover for light weight and durability.

Our frameless behavioral healthcare board has the same attributes as our regular patient boards including:

• Your board can be customized to match your process and your department’s specific organizational need.
• The boards are durable with a tough transparent dry-erase surface layer over a custom designed digital graphic print, capable of withstanding constant cleaning.
• The boards are lightweight with a foam backer. The boards weigh less than a pound and can be easily mounted with industrial strength double sided tape.
• Both standard and custom sizes available.

frameless behavioral board

Used In Teaching Hospitals, Medical Centers & Long Term Care Facilities

Brigham & Women’s Hospital  ~  Buffalo General Medical Center  ~  Cedars Sinai Medical Center  ~  Cortland Regional Medical Center  ~  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles  ~  DeGraff Memorial Hospital  ~  F.F. Thompson Hospital  ~  Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services  ~  Highland Hospital  ~  Kettering Medical Center  ~  Medical Center of Aurora  ~  Millard Filmore Suburban Hospital  ~  Pennsylvania Hospital  ~  St. Peter’s Health Partners  ~  Unity Hospital  ~  University of Rochester Medical Center  ~  Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo  ~  Stanford Health Care  ~  Mercy Medical Center – West Lakes  ~  Floyd Memorial Hospital

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