Gates Chili Central School District

Roswell Park Gateway Signage

New Wayfinding for Gates Chili Central School District School Campus Reflects Architectural Harmony and Continuity

Client: Gates Chili Central School District
Location: High School and Middle School Campus, Rochester, NY
Market: Educational Campus
Solution: Campus Wayfinding | Campus Branding

More than two dozen wayfinding signs were fabricated and feature reflective vinyl and 3D graphics for ease of visibility.

The IDS Process
  • Stakeholder Planning
  • Visual Site Survey
  • Design Opportunities & Scenarios
  • Engineering Documentation
  • Cloud-Based Message Scheduling
  • Construction Documentation
  • Sign Family Elements & Design
  • Final Material Specifications & Mockups
  • Full In-House Fabrication including welding, painting, digital & 3D
  • Excavation with mobile vacuum extraction system
  • Installation coordination around campus activity
About the Project

After completing several significant construction developments on their High school and Middle school campuses, Gates Chili Central School District decided they needed to upgrade their campus wayfinding system to accommodate all the new exciting campus improvements.  

IDS was selected for the project because of our demonstrated expertise in designing and fabricating signage for educational and campus environments.

The project was initiated with thorough site surveys, meetings with key decision-makers, and feedback sessions with interested groups and the school district’s marketing team.

The selected design focused on the school brand, incorporating a fun, creative, and lively aesthetic with three-dimensional elements and vibrant brand colors.

The goal was to bring continuity to the campus sign system, expand the GCCSD brand, and complement the new architectural elements on the campus. The signage system had to be durable, resilient to environmental conditions, user-friendly, and easy to update.

The installation was carefully coordinated to minimize disruption to the school’s functionality, with traffic marshaling and excavation conducted using a mobile vacuum extraction system. Despite the challenges of working within an operational school environment, IDS successfully delivered a turn-key school campus signage solution that achieved the school’s needs.

Essential Constructs flyer

IDS partnered with Essential Constructs who provided the Gates Chili School District a streamlined purchasing solution to the cumbersome and time-consuming bidding process.

Essential Constructs facilitates Cooperative Procurement contracts by helping to facilitate and administer cooperative purchasing networks (COOPs) for schools, government facilities, municipalities, and any public entity that falls under the General Municipal Law, delivering these purchasing advantages:

  • Works with local and owner-preferred contractors
  • Projects completed on time and on-budget
  • Cost savings & enhanced cost visibility
  • Fewer change orders and reduced deferred maintenance backlog
  • Construction completed in the same calendar year
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Project transparency
Gates Chili School District Campus Wayfinding Plan
GCSD Campus Wayfinding Plan

The planning stage culminated in a final campus map plan designating the location of every sign in the plan.

Roswell Park Photo Montage
Updated Gates Chili Central School District Wayfinding

The sign program included building ID signs, parking and slotted campus directional signs.

The Gates Chili CSD sign project provided IDS an opportunity to demonstrate our full turn-key design-to-installation capabilities. Working closely with the district’s Marketing and Facilities teams, we partnered with Essential Constructs to provide the client with a purchasing opportunity to work directly with ID Signsystems without having to go through a conventional bidding process.

Katrina Beatty, CEO, ID Signsystems
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