Village of Fairport Visitor Wayfinding Kiosk

Village of Fairport Wayfinding Kiosk

ID Signsystems Resolves Visitor Wayfinding Challenge for the Village of Fairport

Client: The Village of Fairport, NY
Location: Village of Fairport, NY
Market: Municipal
Solution: Wayfinding Systems

Village of Fairport gateway
Before: A 3D rendering provides a near-exact specification of the sign’s final design.
After: Visitors are raving about the new wayfinding kiosks in Fairport.
The IDS Process
  • Design study showing examples of successful visitor wayfinding solutions
  • Precise data collection
  • Photo-realistic 3D design concepts
  • Custom map development
  • Custom metal fabrication and painting
  • Digitally-printed directory/map 
  • Installation managed by Fairport
About the Project

Located along the Erie Canal in NW New York, the Village of Fairport is a historic community that attracts visitors year-round. Its popular Canal Days Festival sees nearly one hundred thousand visitors annually.

Fairport was experiencing an issue managing visitor navigation. With numerous parking lots, there was no clear wayfinding in place to guide visitors to the area’s restaurants, bars, and shops.

ID Signsystems was asked to solve the visitor wayfinding dilemma.

The wayfinding solution: freestanding visitor kiosks

We began the project by conducting a best practice study to look at how other towns had resolved similar scenarios. We worked with a top urban wayfinding consultant to analyze the approach and make recommendations. A cloud-based photo survey was conducted to interview town officials, local business owners, and residents about their preferences.

We then prepared a conceptual design for the freestanding kiosk. Thorough data collection from each local business ensured accurate map and directory design. The design allows maps to be updated as local venues change.

The result is six freestanding kiosks placed at key pedestrian exit points from each main parking lot across the Village. Each kiosk includes complete mapping and walking information to guide visitors to their destinations.

This initiative came together through collaboration with Craig Berger, one of the country’s top trail and wayfinding specialists. Craig serves as a consultant to IDS, providing his expertise and guidance on various parks and trails projects.

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Project Gallery
Village of Fairport rendering dimensions
Kiosk 3D Rendering
Village of Fairport gateway
Wayfinding Kiosk at a Pedestrian Crossing
Village of Fairport gateway
Detailed Mapping of Local Venues
Village of Fairport gateway
Improved Visitor Wayfinding

“The Village of Fairport project presented the challenge of how to design and develop an urban wayfinding system in a quaint village environment with very specific needs of the community while maintaining the aesthetic of the local environment. Our design solution was developed carefully with the full involvement of the client and our fabrication team. We delivered an elegant solution that fits comfortably in the historic village environment.”

Katrina Beatty, CEO, ID Signsystems

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