Totem Ellipso

Totem Ellipso is a double-sided curved system for internal and external use. It is an easy to assemble, cost effective solution. Totem Ellipso includes the maxi, a post-mounted monolith that can reach nearly 20 feet in height. Totem Ellipso min can be post mounted, suspended or attached to walls. It is available in posts up to 74 inches in height.

Totem Ellipso

Technical Information

    Maxi endcaps 9.35mm routered aluminum.
    Mini endcaps 4mm routered aluminum.

    Mini accepts 1.0mm panels up to 750mm wide
    Mini accepts 1.5mm panels for 1000 and 1200mm wide
    Maxi accepts 1.0mm panels for 750mm wide
    Maxi accepts 1.5mm panels for 1000 and 1200mm wide
    Maxi accepts 2.0mm panels for 1500mm wide

    TOTEM ELLIPSO can be finished in any B.S., RAL or pantone colour.
    Posts are also available in silver anodized finish

    All TOTEM ELLIPSO signs can be supplied complete with posts, bracing, panels and end caps together with box sections for installation. Alternatively the system can be supplied in component form for assembly by others.
    The size of the concrete foundation will be determined by ground conditions and specific location

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