There are many reasons why an organization may need a new piece of signage on the exterior of their location. Perhaps it’s a start-up business needing to identify the business’ in its location for the first time. Or maybe an organization or business renames or adopts a new logo and needs to replace existing signage. Or it could be that a sign simply comes to the end of its lifetime – it’s old and worn and needs to be replaced. These are all likely reasons to start down the process of new exterior signage.

Planning for new signage takes careful consideration. As experts in the sign planning and building process, we’ve identified six significant questions to answer as you think about a new sign.

  1. What is the purpose of the sign? Is it to promote your brand, improve wayfinding at your facility, stand out better amongst the competition?

When you work with our team, we will help you match the best type of sign based on the sign’s viewing requirements, whether illuminated or not.

  1. Will you require local authority permits? Does the design meet local zoning requirements in terms of size and location?

These are the kinds of specifics that need to be determined when planning for a sign. By working with IDS, you don’t have to do the fact finding – we are experts in working with local cities and townships to be sure your sign meets the local zoning requirements.

  1. Will you need to provide additional services, such as electrical supply for the sign?

Based on the specifics and build of the sign we will help you understand any special services that will be required to support your signage for its intended use and display and organize contractors necessary for additional support.

  1. Have you considered the structural requirements of the sign? Will it need stamped engineered drawing approval?

External signage is usually large and complex. There are usually structural conditions that must be met to support the size and scale of signs of this nature. IDS is your partner through the process to ensure all statutory elements of the sign are met with full accuracy and produced to meet local and state code requirements.

  1. Do you need your landlord’s permission to install the sign?

Your landlord likely has signage specifications and requirements that must be adhered to and will be crucial in the discovery process when working with a sign builder. IDS helps to uncover these property owner and landlord specifications to be sure your signage follows the rules.

  1. Do you understand the timeline that your sign company needs to produce your signs does that work with your requirements?

Signs don’t come together in a day. Or even a week or two. Most sign projects require numerous weeks or months to fully design, engineer, fabricate and install. It’s imperative that you are verbal about your expectations for sign completion as well as understanding of the timeframe it takes for construction. Sign building is a partnership with IDS and our clients. Planning well ahead is the key to a great outcome for sign production.

Our planning and design team are experts in design and project build, from concept to completion, in signs of all shapes and sizes. We partner with our in-house engineers to develop outstanding and innovative exterior signs that get our clients noticed. We offer a complimentary consultation for you to learn more about our services and capabilities and to help you get started on an external sign beyond your expectations. Start Your Architectural Design Project!

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