Elevating the Museum Experience Through Innovative Signage

In the elaborate world of museums, the importance of effective signage cannot be overstated. Traversing through collections, exhibitions, and interactive spaces requires a seamless and visually appealing signage system. 

The visitor experience, engagement with displays and exhibits, and accessibility and inclusivity for all museum-goers are of top concern for museum directors. Signage plays an essential role in ensuring these needs are met.

This is where ID Signsystems emerges as a key player, building partnerships beyond sign installations to become integral components of the museum experience.

“I am deeply passionate about the intersection of art and signage, and supporting area museums is so important to me and the IDS business. Our commitment goes beyond creating signs. It’s about enriching the visitor experience, preserving cultural heritage, and helping to create a deep appreciation for art and history. We are proud to be partners in showcasing the beauty and significance of museums through our innovative museum signage solutions.”

Katrina Beatty, CEO, ID Signsystems

A Testament to Partnership

The Strong National Museum of Play, located in Rochester, New York, is a testament to the successful collaboration between IDS and museum organizations. Our involvement with the Strong Museum showcases our capabilities in crafting statement signs that embody the museum’s essence and goals.

The partnership has resulted in a series of striking and informative signs that guide visitors and contribute to the museum’s overall ambiance. 

The commitment to quality and attention to detail exhibited in the signage at the Strong Museum exemplifies our dedication to creating more than just signs – we create immersive elements that become an integral part of the museum narrative.

Innovative Museum Signage Solutions

Our innovative solutions can also be seen at the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC). For the museum, we designed, fabricated, and installed a complete exterior wayfinding system that incorporated the museum’s updated brand and highlighted major museum buildings such as the museum planetarium. The showstopper sign here is a digital marquee that encapsulates the museum’s core values of integrating science, teaching, and fun into a dynamic statement that serves as the information hub and gateway to the RMSC campus.  The IDS team was responsible for the conceptual design, fabrication, and installation and it showcases our adaptability and creativity in catering to diverse signage needs.

This partnership reflects IDS’s commitment to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, providing museums with tools that facilitate communication and enhance the overall visitor experience.

Beautifying the Museum Landscape

The partnership between IDS and prestigious institutions extends beyond museums to include architectural marvels like the historic Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY

The challenge of restoring this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece was met with a $52 million renovation project funded by public and private donations. Our involvement in this restoration project with the firm Bayer Landscape exemplifies our commitment to quality and attention to detail, as evidenced by collaboration with designers and architects to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. We addressed navigation with sophisticated and architecturally-relevant wayfinding signage throughout the museum’s exterior. This experience reinforced our ability to deliver exceptional results, not just in museum signage but also in the restoration of architectural landmarks.

Another landscape signage project we supported was for the University of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. This project featured aluminum panels placed throughout flower beds that identify art installations while paying tribute to the museum’s benefactors.

Exhibit Design Facilitation

In addition to working with museums, we’ve excelled in projects like the National Veteran’s Research Center (NVRC) Donor Recognition Wall & Exhibit at Syracuse University. This comprehensive program included signage, donor recognition systems, and an exhibit displaying the history of Syracuse alums in military service. 

Our work for the Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT exemplifies proficiency and collaboration in storytelling and enhancing complex brand environment exhibitions. Working closely with RIT interface teams from facilities, marketing, and the school’s senior faculty and General Contractor LeChase Construction, IDS delivered striking exhibit requirements and significant architectural elements, including custom lighting.

The collaboration with these university projects emphasizes our ability to deliver complex solutions for exhibits with high-quality standards and further solidifies our reputation as a leader in the signage and graphics industry for museums, education institutions, and commemorative spaces.

A Go-To Partner for Museum & Exhibit Signage Programs

We are proud to be partners with many museums and galleries showcasing the vibrant creative arts and science scene in the area and support the interpretation of our deep cultural heritage through our innovative museum sign solutions. By seamlessly blending form and function, IDS has become a trusted partner for museum organizations, contributing to immersive and memorable visitor experiences.

Contact the IDS team to learn more about our display and wayfinding signage capabilities for your museum or organization’s exhibit needs.

The Strong Museum innovative cartridge sign
Rochester Museum and Science Center digital gateway sign
Rochester Museum and Science Center interior sign exhibit
Darwin Martin House exterior museum wayfinding
Darwin Martin House exterior museum wayfinding signs
Syracuse University NVRC exhibit signage
Syracuse University NVRC exhibit donor wall signage
RIT Global Cybersecurity innovative exhibit signage
RIT Cyber innovative exhibit sign

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