IDS & the NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI): The Budget Process

New York State DRI logoThe New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) is a competitive grant program administered by the New York State Department of State, created to transform downtown neighborhoods into vibrant communities with thriving local businesses, housing, and amenities.

The Community Strategic Investment Plan

Once DRI recipient towns are announced, they begin the work to develop a plan of action and budget for the grant funds.

The budget for each DRI project is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the community as outlined in the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP)—the town’s vision for its downtown revitalization and the projects it would like to complete—including investments in infrastructure, public spaces, housing, transportation, and business development.

Each project’s budget is developed collaboratively by the local planning team, the State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) team, the area Regional Economic Development Council (REDC), and experts specific to each project’s purpose and use.

The state DRI team also provides technical assistance to help communities manage their budgets to maximize the impact of their investments as well as regular monitoring throughout project construction.

owego streetscape mock upIDS as a DRI Expert in Streetscape, Wayfinding, and Landmark Planning

At ID Signsystems, our extensive DRI and civic project experience has prepared us to develop and meet strict budget guidelines. We have a clear understanding of design and engineering strategies that are economically sound while adhering to our high-quality production standards, allowing us to provide the specific budgets DRI projects need early in the process. Our turn-key project management processes make us a holistic solution for all sign and streetscape elements in larger DRI projects.

Finally, we are well-versed in the permitting and stakeholder approvals for civic projects, with a strong track record of success.

If your city/town is considering a DRI application or has been awarded DRI funds, now is the time to contact the DRI implementation team at ID Signsystems to discuss how our partnership can help your Local Planning Committee ensure successful DRI project execution.

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