Vitrum Display Cases

Vitrum is an outdoor, back-illuminated display case system housed in a contemporary frame and glass cover – all secure, watertight, yet superbly easy to update and change. Indoor cases are also available.

The Vitrum display case is engineered using aluminum profiles and have full toughened glass covers with ceramic printed borders. A unique locking mechanism gives the cases total security, and the top hinged frame with gas cylinders allows easy access when opened.

Vitrum cases are offered with either LED or fluorescent backlit illumination or with LCD displays. The LED lighting option uses just one-third of the energy of traditional lighting and offers a guaranteed 50,000 hours of light with no servicing. The unique design of the LED sheet produces an exceptional brightness with even lighting across the whole panel that other forms of lighting cannot match. The LED panel also has an aluminum frame, which cleverly holds the image directly behind the glass, producing a stunning visual effect.

The Vitrum display case is available as monoliths, or can be wall or post mounted. Add to that single- or double-sided options and a range of standard sizes and finishes and there is a Vitrum to suit most needs.

Vitrum cases are perfectly suited for 24/7 operation in most locations. The puristic design with high-quality material characterizes the overall high product quality and can be integrated into any design.

For outdoor models, anti-glare glass with UV and IR filter allows for a non-reflective presentation of digital or static information and the special LCD display is easily readable in sunlight.

Touchscreen systems are available on some models.

A specially developed ventilation and heating system allows the use in extreme areas such as ski regions, the railway sector or production facilities with dust pollution and heat.

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