Specialty Identity Illumination

The Edge system by Bitro Group is an LED and fixture manufacturing organization that IDS frequently collaborates with. Edge is a seamless lighting fixture that can be suspended, recessed or surface mounted. The lighting is consistent with no hotspots.

IDS can support specification of the Edge system for your specific location and can support delivery, installation or instructions for contractor installation. The 10’ or 8’ sections can be arranged to be up to 300 continuous feet in length or split into individual modules. Edge is easy to install with the fabric fitting closely into the plug and play frames. IDS can also work with Bitro for custom sizes, shapes and illumination systems. Contact Edge representative Nik Nicolakis at nik@axioinnova.com for more information on the product.


IDS supported Bitro Group’s vision for implementation of a seamless lighting fixture.


IDS and Bitro jointly developed a lighting fixture program that delivered exacting lighting characteristics required to meet the design specification for new Cadillac showrooms.


IDS engaged in intense joint product design development with Bitro, including developing custom specialty aluminum extrusion system designed to invisibly carry integrated power supplies. IDS has subsequently supported the Bitro’s Edge product launch for Cadillac. Using the IDS framing system, Bitro developed the lighting system consisting of seamless lighting fixtures that were recessed into the ceilings over large continuous distances with no joints. IDS subsequently supported the Edge product distributions for Cadillac including packaging and delivery of the system as well as instructions for contractor installation.

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