Project Description

COVID-19 Workplace Poster

Coronavirus workplace poster, display in workspaces and break rooms. Keep your staff well informed and give clear guidance on how to respond in during the Coronavirus crisis.

Custom options available. Digitally printed PVC poster with mounting tabs. 32” x 24”

COVID-19 Workplace Poster

Emergency COVID-19 Products

Our Latest Updates on COVID-19

Hospital Wayfinding Program at Kaleida Hospital

Our planning and design process is built under the certainty that a hospital wayfinding program must survive a generation of changes while maintaining consistency and usability. Learn more about each step.

COVID-19 Reopening Strategy

Non-essential businesses will soon be opening their doors and many are focusing their efforts on how they can safely bring their employees back. IDS has been working with several companies to develop a COVID-19 reopening strategy based on leading practices being employed around the world.

COVID-19 Testing Station Wayfinding Kit

Clear messaging and a professional wayfinding signage plan will help reduce visitor stress, give confidence to the community and speed the testing process.