Project Description

Artemis is a multi-functional modular sign system well suited for a wide range of wayfinding, identity, information and directory applications.

A temper proof locking system makes Artemis is a popular choice for academic and healthcare institutions. With its award winning design features, Artemis is also a worthwhile system for offices, retail stores and other high end interiors.

Artemis is available in a multitude of options including desk mounted, suspended, projecting, wall mounted and free standing. In addition, other elements can be integrated into the system including ADA compliant sign inserts.

Artemis is also easy to change with sign inserts that can be produced on almost any printer and changed quickly.

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Technical Information

    Frame: aluminum extrusion, clear satin anodized finish
    End caps: ABS
    Lens: clear matte (non-glare) acrylic
    Printing methods: Ink Jet, Laser, Digital Print
    Printable surfaces: paper, clear acetate, frosted polyester film
    Additional surfaces: anodized aluminum, satin finish, PVC core
    Painted end caps to match any specified color
    Machined aluminum end caps
    Customized widths suitable for applications such as directories
    Sliding fixture to indicate vacancy / occupancy
    Desk stands for large and small signs
    Freestanding posts suitable for interior / exterior environments
    Removable d/s tape suitable for most wall surfaces
    VHB d/s tape extended security and suitable for mounting to glass
    Countersunk holes to mechanically secure sign to surface of wall
    Suspension mount sign hangs from cables secured to ceiling
    Projecting mount mechanically secured to surface of wall

  • NOTE
    For ADA compliance, tactile letters and Grade II Braille applied.
    Photopolymer panel may also be used as alternate.
    All sizes noted indicate size of insert, not overall sign size.

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