Wayfindit and How it Enhances IDS’ Services

Wayfindit browser-based software is an integrated application that helps IDS facilitate sign projects across a variety of functions.

Utilizing the software, Wayfindit, IDS conducts and records accurate site surveys that help our clients precisely analyze existing sign infrastructure and flow. Site survey results are used to identify branding opportunities and develop modernized, sustainable, and comprehensive sign systems and digital wayfinding technology in client facilities. 

Wayfindit facilitates site surveys and is also used to create location plans, detailed project schedules, and deliver mock-ups and specs for complete wayfinding project management.

The tool is instrumental in the work IDS does in design facilitation, sign system planning, and digital sign prototyping. Depending on client needs, we deliver sign location plans and create detailed plan schedules, complete with specifications and mock-ups of the full sign package. 

Our clients are provided access to their project on Wayfindit, keeping them involved at every step of the process. Once sign installation is complete, the project stays active on Wayfindit, giving both the IDS team and the client full access and the ability to manage future updates and changes with complete ease. Wayfindit also helps us ensure our customers’ signage follows ADA compliance

IDS has completed site surveys, location plans, sign prototyping, and mockups and ADA compliance for over 30 clients, realizing the Wayfindit software benefits, including for healthcare systems Mount Sinai Health System, St. Peters Healthcare Partners, Dartmouth Hitchcock Healthcare System, and Rochester Regional Health System. Wayfindit has also been an active component for successfully completing projects for L3 Harris, Alfred University, M&T Bank, and SUNY ESF.

“The use of our Wayfindit system has become a crucial tool in the initial understanding of a client’s needs, and we have now developed it from a cloud based recording system into an integrated tool to organize installations, develop new sign systems, manage roll-out programs and provide constant ongoing site sign system management for our clients,” said Paul Dudley, President, ID Signsystems.

From survey to complete sign development, IDS is your full-service sign partner. Schedule a consultation to evaluate your wayfinding needs today.

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