Wayfinding in an urban environment can be challenging to visitors and locals alike.  Issues such as demographics, language, local area familiarity and stress all play a factor when confronted by a new environment. The Vitrum display case helps solve the issues.

Kiosks are an indispensable tool when developing urban identity, informational and wayfinding programs. Key features include being easily changeable, they can be illuminated, and can provide a platform for the latest digital communication technology. Their robust design and rugged structure will hold up to the rigors of the environment from harsh weather and typical robust use common in any city environment. Customizable modular kiosks are one of the areas where modular solutions are superior to custom manufactured solutions; modular engineered components last longer, they are reliable and are easily replicated.

IDS is committed to bringing the best modular information solutions to its customers, and with our exclusive relationship to sell the Vitrum display case, we have among the best kiosk and showcase systems in the market. Vitrum display cases are constructed from precisely engineered aluminum profiles and have full toughened safety glass covers with ceramic printed borders. The cases easy to lock, making them very secure. LED lighting in Vitrum is built to last thousands of hours or the display can be a digital screen.

The greatest attribute of the Vitrum display case is its flexibility for integration into different project types. There are three particular areas where Vitrum is particularly well suited:

1.Freestanding Kiosks

Kiosks can be adapted to multiple shapes and sizes or incorporated into larger systems.  They can also be mounted to posts. In Europe, kiosks of this type are adapted to thousands of transit projects. The unit displayed is currently being installed on every platform across the entire Austrian State railway system.

Vitrum display case

Austrian State Railway System

2. Kiosk Series

For building projects or public information schemes, multiple kiosk installations presented as a series of showcases provides an inexpensive and high impact approach to defining and entrance or a major path.

Vitrum display case

Multiple kiosk installation

3. Integrated into Buildings

Vitrum can be incorporated as a case system into an exterior or interior wall as an individual element or in a series, creating a stunning visual corridor. This display is installed on London.

London installation

Thinking about Using a Modular Kiosk or Showcase System?

Incorporating systems like Vitrum into your projects is a great way to easily add visual impact to your projects. To be successful you should consider three elements:

 1. Visualize the Systems:

Analyze how a graphic information system can add to your project as a freestanding or building mounted element. IDS can help provide the details on the right kind of solution to meet your requirements.

2. Consider the Content:

Develop a concept for content development based on the system you are developing and how prominent the visuals should be.

3. Define a Content Plan:

If the project requires frequent changes, there may be a need for a passive or interactive digital system. If change is infrequent, a simple printed graphic system is your best option and is cost effective.

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