Updated Healthcare Signage Required for Post-Covid Visitor Experience

ID Signsystems poised to help healthcare facilities reposition their wayfinding post-COVID

Rochester, NY: As one of the hardest-hit industries during COVID, healthcare facilities and hospitals were forced to reconfigure operations rapidly and effectively. With patient loads in North American hospitals returning to pre-COVID levels, hospitals must now re-evaluate and adjust to new realities in patient care and facility management. 

To make these adjustments most effective for patients, staff and visitors, ID Signsystems recommends that hospitals examine three strategic approaches for updated wayfinding and sign delivery.

Map New Nomenclature: Start planning for permanent changes in destinations, including naming conventions and address systems. Review the effectiveness of the proposed new systems by conducting role plays with a stakeholder group of patients and employees to identify which approaches work best. 

Deep Dive Decluttering: Conduct a new survey of every wall and outside area, focusing on the accumulated information clutter from the last year. Remove or rationalize any information clutter in the facility; what should stay and what should go. In particular, use formal frame displays or digital signs for important information and design a strategy for continued updates.

Build Back Simpler: Do not find the need to make every update at once. Start with a conceptual design vocabulary and then plan for execution in stages based either on the most important experiential items or the areas of greatest needs. Executing in stages allows for more time for testing for accurately designed signage systems. ID Signsystems recommends leading with exterior wayfinding, maps, ADA destination signs and signs to the most common or used areas for the best return in visitor experience.

Change can be time-consuming and challenging, but thoughtful and complete planning, testing, and stakeholder review will yield the best benefits. ID Signsystems are experts in healthcare wayfinding systems. We deliver a full-service solution from consultation and planning, design and testing, to fabrication and installation.


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