Solar Landmarks Could be the Wave of Your Future

Attractive and environment-friendly, solar signage opportunities are everywhere. ID Signsystems has already partnered to provide this green alternative to a variety of banks, corporations, and campuses, such as Henkel, The Harley School, STAMP Digital Business Park, and Plug Power among others.

Now, we see the potential for expansion and continuously seek innovative methods to integrate solar technology into urban landscapes. Solar signage remains in its early stages, making now the ideal time to enter this market and offer inviting, practical signage solutions.

We have identified several markets where solar signage solutions could light the way as a strong, green alternative.

Corporate, Educational, and Medical Campuses

Campuses - option for solar signsOur most recent solar installation for Henkel shows the opportunity for solar on corporate campuses. Solar signage on a large campus eliminates the need for additional costs incurred for electrical installation, regardless of whether your signage needs include installation on a building or farther from an electrical power source.

Outdoor Recreation

As more people take to the outdoors to enjoy trails, camping, water-sports, sight-seeing, and any other number of outdoor recreation pursuits, the need for reliable wayfinding signage is critical.

While IDS has built solar landmarks for interpretive signs, there are more solar opportunities including Solareye path-embedded way markers and displays. IDS Solar Post bollards and Solar Display Cases can serve to augment locations and enhance safety, security, and enjoyment in the great outdoors.

Eyes to the Future

IDS has identified several markets where solar landmark signage would enhance beauty and functionality while lowering long-term energy costs, providing a much healthier ROI than the traditional grid-based power supply.

Consider the options below:

Town Gateways

Town gateway - option for solar sign Town gateways are key elements to establishing a town’s character. Solar lighting can illuminate gateways making them more sustainable and striking.

Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

solar options for wineryWineries, breweries, and distilleries are popping up around the country and are a perfect use for solar landmark signs. These destinations have the sun, space, and visibility for a landmark to be cost-effective.

Spas and Resorts

spas and resorts - options for solar signs Spas and resorts are often off-the-beaten-path and need illumination in remote areas. Solar landmarks and other solar lighting features are great options to ensure comfortable lighting and safety for patrons.

IDS is ready to take on the challenge of providing more enticing, environment-conscious signage options – whatever the location. For more information about collaborating with ID Signsystems for your special location and sign needs, contact us using the form below and we will be in touch.

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