Not All Hospital Decision Points Are Created Equal (But They Should Be)

For hospitals today, there is a tendency to spend resources (i.e. time and money) on the navigation and messaging at one central decision point in the facility: the lobby, visitors desk and registration areas. This comes at the expense of the many other areas throughout the hospital where navigation is equally important. 

The contrast between the usually light-filled and fully-detailed entryways and the poorly-lit, unattended areas such as parking garages, elevator banks, and floor-level entry areas is often striking. Effective hospital lighting and wayfinding systems deliver a consistent atmosphere throughout a facility. Improvements should focus on these key areas to deliver a cohesive experience for staff, patients and visitors.


hospital decision points parkingParking can be the most intimidating experience for hospital visitors. Many hospitals have switched to valet parking to avoid parking confusion altogether. Parking challenges can be alleviated with simple wayfinding approaches like installing larger, illuminated and more legible signage with clear direction to specific entry areas.

 Illuminated directional signs in Parking greatly enhances visitor confidence.

Elevator Banks

hospital decision points elevator signageElevators are among the most important decision points in a hospital, combining horizontal and vertical orientation, yet commonly disregarded. Enhancing the elevator bank with exceptionally clear maps and directories as well as powerful illumination (eliminating low lighting that is common at elevator banks) increases the comfort level of anyone using the space.

Artios is an illuminated ceiling product that allows bright illumination, focused on tight decision points like corridors and elevator banks.

Department Lobbies

RIT Leadership Wall and healthcare decision pointWhen a visitor reaches their destination (floor or area of the hospital) they are often confronted with either extensive clutter and messaging or lack thereof. The design of department/floor lobbies should be as tightly designed as the rest of the hospital with clear and specific information that follows the hospital’s identity standards. Department lobbies are also a great place for digital wayfinding signs that can be updated easily.

Digital wayfinding and information are great at destinations within the hospital.

Does your hospital deliver a consistent wayfinding experience, or are there areas that lack lighting and signage? To deliver the best and safest experience for your facility staff and guests IDS can help you make improvements. We’ve worked with some of the country’s most renowned hospital systems to create optimal environments on all levels.

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