The Hidden Perks of Hiring a WBE Sign Company

Often when a General Contractor bids or works on state-funded contracts they are required to use minority companies to meet certain diversification requirements and state funding conditions.

One of the most common requirements of General Contractors is to hire a certified Women Business Enterprise for a percentage of the overall project value.

“A Women’s Business Enterprise, commonly referred to as a WBE, is an independent business concern that is at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens or Legal Resident Aliens; whose business formation and principal place of business are in the U.S. or its territories; and whose management and daily operation is controlled by a woman with industry expertise,” explains the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council website.

ID Signsystems is a certified WBE in the state of New York. When a General Contractor partners with a WBE they gain many benefits including those noted below:

The Sign Company Minority Participation Fit

Working with a WBE sign company, such as ID Signsystems, is often a perfect fit for the percentage diversification requirement on a typical construction project. Partnering with IDS enables your organization to meet its minority quota goals while developing a relationship with a company offering state-of-the-art design-focused sign solutions to your project. As signage can often command a 3%-5% part of an overall construction budget this relationship becomes a win/win.

Providing Tax Incentives

Working with a WBE sign company can provide your organization with tax benefits. The federal government affords tax incentives to those contractors who do business with minority and women-owned businesses. Additionally, tax liabilities are reduced for projects funded with federal or state grants. IDS can provide proof of our WBE certification for contracts compliance.

Opens New Revenue Channels

By collaborating with a WBE sign company, General Contractors will open themselves to new markets and opportunities. These opportunities allow General Contractors to win lucrative government and state-funded projects that would normally be closed to their organization.

Diversifies the Supplier Base

Working with diverse minority organizations is an excellent way to show to your customers your commitment to help a diverse group of suppliers.

A Different Perspective

WBE sign companies often bring a different and more creative solution to a design issue. Working with a broad group of talented individuals highlights creativity and allows different perspectives to be fully explored in decision making.

The team at ID Signsystems would welcome the opportunity of partnering with your organization to meet your diversity sourcing requirements. Contact our team and we would welcome the opportunity to explore your needs and share how we have helped many general contractors with the supplier diversity goals and deliver design focused sign solutions of the highest quality to their projects.


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