Three Critical Design Decisions When Returning to School or Work

As we start returning to work and school there are important design decisions that need to be made regarding how to best adjust our environments. ID Signsystems (IDS) has been working with institutions to create various successful approaches and have found three best practices that should be followed:

Separate the Temporary from the Permanent

COVID-19 information is enormously important at the moment, but it is temporary information. However, there are also permanent information pieces including kiosks, displays and identification signs that work with the COVID-19 information. A strategy of sign design guidelines for both needs to be developed allowing each piece of information to complement the other while keeping in mind differing material and placement needs.

Modularity is Key

All IDS projects are designed with modularity in mind. Modular systems require more up-front planning but save time and money in the long-term. Modular systems involve combining temporary and permanent information while also considering sign changeability, ongoing expansion and maintenance. For return to work and school, a good plan is to start with modular kiosks and displays to present temporary information. These “Frame” systems are more adaptable and easier to work with.

Stands Over Stickers

Stickers, posters and other temporary tack-ons are inexpensive but there are far more visible and easier temporary approaches that are even more effective.  Movable display and wayfinding stands are easy to work with and can be turned into more visible landmarks. Larger movable partitions are also highly effective for separating people and making important information more visible.

In Practice:

Display Design Decisions

Bollards, Light boxes and displays provide a combination of hard and soft barriers. IDS has built a collection of approaches to both providing separation and information.

Modular Design Decisions

IDS employs “layered” modular systems when frequent changes need to be made that combine temporary and permanent information. This changes connection detailing based on changeability.

Digital Design Decisions

IDS has employed separate digital signs to convey temporary information. Digital, particularly for interiors is low cost and can easily separate from permanent signs. They can also be easily attached to kiosks and mobile systems.

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