IDS is a big champion of sign design guidelines that can guide the sign development process from initial fabrication and installation through multiple changes and expansions.

IDS has created guidelines for international rollouts and for community institutions. Guidelines are particularly useful when a massive change occurs that requires rapid reengineering of the existing sign systems. That is what we accomplished for Easterseals.

Sign Design Guidelines for Easterseals

Over the last four years IDS created complete guidelines for Easterseals, the largest institution in America dedicated to work with the disabled and their family.

Easterseals has dozens of affiliates and hundreds of institutions across the country.  When we started our project with them, Easterseals had just completed a new national brand identity led by non-profit brand strategist Siegelvision, working with Roger Van Den Bergh, and needed to incorporate the graphic guidelines into a complete Easterseals brand identity program including exterior illuminated signs, interior wayfinding signs, and vehicular graphics.

IDS worked the brand designer to develop a complete set of guidelines and implementation plan including a web-based purchasing system for hundreds of individual franchises to access. All signs had to be durable but budget priced.

IDS implemented guidelines and documentation for over 150 different sign types and integrated them into a web-based storefront. In addition, IDS implemented an education program for Easterseals franchises to guide them in sign purchase and implementation. IDS fabricated all sign elements and managed installation with regional sign companies.

Changes After COVID-19

With the pandemic crisis, Easterseals needed new wayfinding, informational signs and graphics to reinforce social distancing.

Because of the strength of the guidelines IDS was able to quickly redevelop the existing signs into a newly adapted systems. With colors, materials, graphics and connection details already in place, a process that could have taken weeks to design and approve was completed in a few days.

All institutions should consider creating sign design guidelines when developing a sign program. The small initial investment will quickly return its investment as changes occur over time.

Easterseals brand identity with sign design guidelines

Easterseals brand identity

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