News | Alfred University Unveils Sleek New Campus Signage

ID Signsystems partners with the small private college to deliver a modular sign program.

Alfred UniversityRochester, NY: Rochester-based sign company and signage industry leader ID Signsystems has created and installed enhanced exterior gateway and wayfinding sign markers across Alfred University in Alfred, New York. Alfred is located in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, 90 minutes south of Rochester.

University officials and faculty requested that their new campus sign program reflect their 185-year tradition. The IDS design team assumed the task of creating a custom sign program that blends the history and heritage of the college with a modern approach that appeals to the needs of today’s contemporary environment. 

IDS completed an in-depth on-location photo survey of previous signage. They then translated the information into a specialized online tool,
Wayfindit, to create a mapping plan for the new signs. The team devised a collection of prototypes that highlighted the University’s brand in a variety of styles. The result is a set of sleek modular

 wayfinding signs, donning Alfred’s collegiate crest, placed throughout the 232-acre campus.

“Faced with a fast-approaching school reopening deadline the ID Signsystems team designed, prototyped, fabricated and installed a complete wayfinding system in a protracted project 3-month period,” said Paul Dudley, President, ID Signsystems. 

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