Architectural Illuminated Signs and Landmarks


Starr Whitehouse working with C&G Partners created a “kit of parts” for trail access points and each spot of trail signage. A central element of that would be a landmark interpretive kiosk. The kiosks would be solar powered and provide identification as well as interpretive information for each area.


IDS developed final documentation and production process based on the design intent documents provided in the guidelines that would allow for quick development of each sign.


With a clear rollout methodology in place IDS was able to efficiently build and install each landmark sign maintaining consistency and satisfying the designer’s intent. We particularly were able to leverage our well-regarded solar expertise to ensure the signs were well illuminated.

The Trail Signage Program Process

Using Custom Wayfinding & Identity Solutions and Solar Expertise, IDS followed the approach below to deliver an impressive solution to develop the Empire State Trail Signage Program.

Empire State Trail Signage Project Results

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