Patient Communication Boards: Evidence-Based Solutions that Deliver Results

ID Signsystems is proud to introduce our versatile family of patented Patient Communication Boards – customizable, cost-effective display boards specifically designed for Healthcare facilities. Strong evidence indicates that enhanced communication within healthcare facilities improves patient safety, reduces stress and enhances greater patient satisfaction. Because they produce such positive results, a variety of Communication Boards have rapidly become integral communication enhancements in Teaching Hospitals, Medical Centers and Long-term Care Facilities.

Our patented system provides reliable, affordable, durable and sustainable solutions for a variety of needs within Healthcare facilities. Patient Communication Boards can be customized with a variety of text and image fields to reflect your organization’s branding and communicate in the most effective manner for your culture. All variations are easy to install, and after installation they can be further modified to adapt to organizational growth as well as the ever-changing terminology, preferred practices and quality standards of the medical field. This built-in design flexibility eliminates the need to continually re-invest in new information delivery systems.

Featured elements of all varieties of Patient Communication Boards:

  • No minimum quantity for orders of any board type!
  • Standard sizes for all board types: 12” x 24”; 18” x 24”; 24” x 24” and 36” x 24”
  • Custom Sizes available to suit your needs.
  • Quick and easy installation: Sturdy, anodized aluminum frames can be wall-mounted or affixed to glass surfaces.
  • Accessories: Dry-erase marker holder; 2” x 3” Plexiglas holder for staff photos; additional inserts available.
  • Custom graphic panels/inserts: available in any language and they can be replaced at a minimal cost if content or standards need to be changed over time. Inserts allow for nearly limitless variations to text and images, allowing you to update/modify content as needed.
  • Unique graphics: Incorporate logos, color schemes and custom branding specific to your facility.

Unique elements of Communication Board sub-sets:


OVERVIEW:  Designed to reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance. The goal is to eliminate “never events” and reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired conditions. Developed with the help of thought leaders in patient safety, these easy-to-read checklists play a vital role in avoiding wrong-site surgery, mislabeled or lost specimens, and retained foreign bodies.

FEATURES: “At-a-glance” precautionary reminders regarding proper procedures to ensure patient safety.


OVERVIEW:  Include customized checklists for visual management of safety and quality initiatives. “At-a-glance” enhanced communications and heightened awareness of preventive care procedures lead to improved patient satisfaction. Reinforce a culture of safety to reduce undesirable patient outcomes and possible hospital readmissions.

FEATURES: Precautionary reminders that promote behaviors to reduce the occurrence of falls, pressure ulcers and infections such as CAUTI and CLABSI.


OVERVIEW: Developed specifically for use in Specialized Units such as Intensive Care, Neo-Natal, Coronary Care, Burn Unit, etc. Can be tailored to address everything from labor and delivery to children’s vascular care to restorative neurology, and more.

FEATURES:  Special imagery and text fields such as “Infant Feeding Plan” or a detailed diagram of the human heart for doctors to illustrate issues and procedures.


OVERVIEW: Designed to address the finer points related to specific Medical/Surgical procedures.

FEATURES:  Text/Data Fields that can be fully customized to include specific room and phone numbers, as well as critical elements such as “Pain Scales”, “Rounding Schedules” or other information critical to safe Med/Surg procedures and practices.

Working With You Every Step of the Way

ID Signsystems provides a template library of tested elements for all of our patented Communication Boards. We will work with your staff and administrators to determine your needs and preferences and produce a template that meets the unique requirements of your facility. In the event that a Unit’s primary purpose or name changes, it is a simple, fast and cost-effective process to change out the inserts as required. This product evolves with you.

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