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Design Facilitation


IDS works with a variety of different design firms, but one area we particularly excel is collaborating with branding organizations. For Partners + Napier, a renowned creative agency, we supported their vision for a brand identity for the famed Mercantile Building in downtown Rochester, one of the first department stores in the country.


IDS met with the design firm early in the process to discuss broader themes and design possibilities. From these meetings the designers created a conceptual package outlining vocabulary, color and type palette.

From the design firm’s initial work IDS developed created three dimensional visualizations of signs and environments. With more in-depth visuals IDS was able to finalize design decisions for scale, materiality, and historic context. The visuals also supported the work of architecture firm TAT for completing the approval process.


All sign elements were built in-house with close review from all project stakeholders. One main focus area was building in the copper plating and illumination to reflect an Art Deco style from the 1930’s.

The Mercantile on Main Signage Process

IDS followed the approach below to deliver an impressive solution to develop the retail branding signage for Mercantile on Main.

The Mercantile on Main Signage Project Results

The Mercantile on Main
Sibley Square
240 East Main St
Rochester, NY 14604

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