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IDS and architects SWBR were recruited by the Kodak Center to engineer a cost-effective solution to design and build an innovative brand statement converting the outdated and underused Kodak Theater to the Kodak Center. The facade of the building is one of the largest brick structures in the United States, adding an additional element to this unique design facilitation.


As the design developed, the IDS team were asked to contribute concept ideas and value engineer cost-effective solutions to achieve the clients overall design goals. This project required several initial concept meetings with the architectural team at SWBR to discuss how to develop options for this challenging structure. IDS implemented a detailed prototyping and approval process to ensure the quality of the image and resolution of graphics could be achieved at such a large scale.

Design Facilitation of Custom Illuminated Signs at the Kodak Center


IDS developed rapidly designed concepts and then finalized the design with the architects and the Kodak marketing team. On completion of the design and engineering process, IDS worked with GC LeChase Construction, SWBR and Kodak’s internal project management team to develop both the marquee signage and the digital graphic wall experience.

IDS managed a specialized installation team who worked to incredibly tight tolerances to achieve the correct tension of the banner face. This ensured it would deliver the maximum impact and durability over its planned life. Currently, the digital banner has already exceeded its planned usage by five times the clients original specification.

The Urban Landmark Sign Process

Using Design Facilitation expertise, IDS followed the approach below to deliver an impressive solution.

Urban Landmark Project Results

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