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Design Facilitation

Branding for sophistication was at the forefront of the recent industrial park wayfinding sign build at Silver Hill Technology Park. Situated on 90 acres of rapidly developing real estate, Silver Hill is located near Newark in Wayne County, NY. The park-like rural setting boasts a sophisticated workforce and has attracted many significant tenants such as Ultralife batteries, Rochester General Health Systems, and Finger Lakes Community College.

The Wayne County Development Board was conscious of the need to clearly brand the park as a center for digital and high technology growth for the 21st Century. With this goal in mind, the Board awarded ID Signsystems the contract to design and build two large illuminated branding gateway landmark signs. In addition, they would design and produce supporting wayfinding elements to clearly reflect the park’s goals.

The IDS design team worked closely with the clients’ representatives. After exploring a number of options, everyone agreed that a sophisticated LED illuminated arch structure with supporting changeable tenant displays would be the solution. This plan would highlight both the brand image and update capabilities to allow the park to grow over time.


Create an industrial park wayfinding program for a technology park seeking to rebrand itself to support a mix of institutional and commercial functions.


IDS created a program based on outlining different scenarios for the client based on best practices and strategic directions.


IDS began with a presentation of strategies based on the clients’ intent and direction and a review of leading national practices. After selecting an approach IDS further refined the concept with photorealistic rendering profiling materials and lighting. After final selections IDS fabricated the signs in-house and managed installation.

The Process

Industrial Park Wayfinding Development Process

IDS followed the approach below to develop an impressive gateway and wayfinding signage solution for the rebrand of an industrial park.

Project Results

Silver Hill Industrial Park
1000 Technology Pkwy.
Newark, NY 14513

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