When companies bid for project work they often make the mistake of sacrificing quality for price, resulting in weak and non-durable work. When the winning bidder reviews the project they have been awarded, they also often mistake value engineering as an exercise for substituting poor materials or decreasing the scale and scope of the project.

Value Engineering does not have to be that way. IDS employs a three-part process that unlocks the value in fabrication that make high quality elements at the most competitive price possible.  These include the following elements:

Do Not Accept the Status Quo For Materials and Technology

Off-the-shelf manufactured products are not always an easy fit in the manufacturing process. Sometimes it’s important to rethink basic material manufacturing and process. IDS did this in developing a thin lightbox concept for an international rollout. Working with a custom lighting manufacturer they develop a special framework that would fit into the boxes more easily, making both a thinner and easier box to manufacture.

Document Value

Value is as much about communication with the client as an internal process. Strong documentation showing specific areas of value and possible substitution allows for a clearer dialogue with the client, who often has not prioritized their value needs clearly. On all projects IDS develops documents that show the areas where quality, durability and value are important to allow for a prioritization discussion between client and fabricator.

Packaging is Among the Most Important Aspects of Value

Anyone can make a great object in the shop, but retaining that quality when shipping halfway around the country or world is a difficult task. A key component of the IDS manufacturing process is crating, securing and packaging, lowering waste and maintaining value in final delivery. Replacing defective elements in packaging can sometimes equal almost 10% of project overruns making this little discussed feature key to project value.

Specialized integrated manufacturing is one key approach to breaking the value code.

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