4 Benefits of a Well-Designed Industrial Park Signage Program

Industrial parks are considered “heavyweight” versions of business parks or office parks. Architects work tirelessly to create parks designed to meet building standards and attract tenants. However, with increased competition and changes in business practice, developers may not spend enough time focused on the industrial park branding and wayfinding signage necessary to appeal to landlords and potential tenants.

Investment in a well-designed landmark and directional signage program can greatly increase the value of industrial parks, allow for better business performance and also provide numerous other benefits.

1. Strong Industrial Park Signage Provides Consistency

Rendering of Silver Hill Technology Industrial Park SignageAs detailed in the article Wayfinding Signage & the Importance of Consistency, we know there are five ways to enforce consistency in wayfinding signage programs.

The path to consistency includes creating a visual survey, developing a family, focusing on consistency triggers, simplifying any complexities and developing a wayfinding signage montage.

By following this process, the industrial park signage will provide consistency from entrance to exit, helping to enhance visitor and tenant experience.

2. Opportunity to Reinforce Park & Tenant Branding

Assuming the signage program was developed with consistency in mind, the park should be optimized to not only reinforce its own branding, but also allow tenants to display their individual brands.

Investing in a key landmark element sets the tone for visitors and tenants as they enter the park.

3. Navigating the Campus Becomes Easier

Custom wayfinding signage is responsible for improving navigation through the industrial park. Strategically placed directional signage including directories, maps and enter/exit signs, provide for a better experience overall.


4. Confidence the Industrial Park Follows City Codes

Directional Signage | Sign Systems

While the branding and navigation benefits of a well-designed industrial park signage program are clear, the most important pieces are sometimes those that go unseen.

When developing signage, it’s vital that the park or sign company research city codes to determine sign sizes, fabrication requirements and sign placement.

Get Your Sign Done by the Best

Whether in a design facilitation role, or collaborating directly with the end-user, it is important for the sign company to focus on long-term management and maintenance programs.

ID Signsystems builds custom wayfinding and identity sign solutions through client collaboration. Our custom approach results in a complete sign family that combines modular efficiency with unique attributes. Our designers and fabricators work hand-in-hand under the same roof to deliver projects in a highly collaborative and efficient environment.

From research and development to fabrication and installation, ID Signsystems is well-versed in designing exceptional wayfinding programs. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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