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January 15, 2020

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Take a look around town. On street corners, college campuses and on high rises, you’ll find the work of Rochester-based ID Signsystems.

The company is run by a wife and husband team: CEO Katrina Beatty and President Paul Dudley.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is the signage you see around Rochester, which we’ve touched a lot of it,” Dudley said.
That’s for sure.

Since starting the business in 2005, they have done some of the most notable sign and lighting projects in town: The Kodak Theatre, The Strong Museum and the re-branded signs welcoming you to the Greater Rochester International Airport just to name a few.

But ID Signsystems is more than just a sign company.

They are a design studio, engineering firm, lighting expert and fabricator all wrapped into one—with a team that can take an idea or concept and turn it into a three-dimensional solution.

“It’s such an accomplishment to see it go through all its phases,” Beatty said. “A lot of people touch the sign… a lot of people are working on it and at the end, when it’s installed and it all just works, it’s just great.”

One of their more formidable projects was the signage on the side of the Five Star Bank tower. Those letters are 20 feet tall.

Brett Davidsen: “What was that like designing it and installing it?”

Paul Dudley: “It was quite interesting. They actually designed the whole system to be developed as modular elements that were taken up inside the building and then assembled on the roof.”

On any given day, there are dozens of projects in varying phases of completion here inside the plant.

When we visited, acrylic was being cut using lasers in one area. A giant flatbed printer was creating hospital patient boards in another.

And in another area, aluminum was being shaped, cut and assembled.

Interestingly, the Rochester airport job led to the commission of a similar project they are now working on for Milwaukee.

With so many transformational projects, it’s not easy to pick a favorite.

“One of my favorite projects was H&M on 5th Avenue,” Beatty said. “The showcase for H&M clothing, it turned out fabulous. It’s exquisite inside.”

To do all of this requires a skilled workforce, and it’s one of the reasons Dudley and Beatty said Rochester was a natural fit for them to set up shop.

“We are surrounded by some super talented people who came from the Rochester market,” Dudley said. “People often ask me why we chose Rochester, and in fact, I’m happy to tell anybody that we chose to come to Rochester.”

Dudley says what sets them apart is their capability to be a design-focused partner.

“But it’s also working with a team that can realize an idea and the thrill we get as a team to actually see something that we have thought hard about,” Dudley said.

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