IDS COVID-19 Precautions Update (3/19/20)


As we navigate the latest mandates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are critically focused on the health and safety of our workforce.

Sales, Project Management, Design and Finance have all moved to remote access.

Given the daily cycles of news and containment strategies, we at IDS are striving to do our best to maintain project due dates. 

Currently, NYS has mandated a 25% threshold on employees allowed at work at one time. We are balancing all these factors in hopes of being vigilant about our health and practical about our capabilities.

Our sales team is currently reaching out to all our clients in the spirit of total transparency, alerting them to any hold-ups, which may include Vendor shortages and further limitations to staffing.

Should you have a concern regarding completion dates, please reach out to us.

Above all, in this time of crisis, protect your health and the health of others.

Katrina Beatty