A Message from our CEO: COVID-19 Precautions Update


As we continue to hear more about the presence of COVID-19 in Rochester and the surrounding areas, we share the concerns of its potential effect on our employees, their families, our community and you – our customers.

We feel it is important to communicate honestly and keep you updated on the decisions we’re making to look out for the well-being of everyone.

As the local and national situation changes we realize our response must be proportional. We are taking the responsibility in making informed decisions very seriously. Our team continues to communicate regularly to share updated information and discuss changes in the approach that will best protect our team and the community. We have been preparing, and are now implementing, a variety of contingencies to make certain we have the correct protocols in place.

As a manufacturing company, we are taking significant steps to ensure the continued safety of our staff and how our products are safely shipped to you or installed in your environment.


How does this affect you?

  • We have advised our Sales and Project Management team to not to make site visits. Instead, they will conduct meetings remotely using online systems.
  • We are currently committed to keeping our manufacturing operations open. We have, and continue to, take steps to minimize any potential chance of introducing contamination into our facility or into products shipped from our facility.
  • Our installation activities will be reviewed and assessed on a case by case basis. We will only conduct installations when both your and our protocols allow this to take place safely and we will engage with you to assess the situation as installations become due.

Please understand: everyone at IDS is fully committed to mitigating the risk of exposure and transmission of the virus, taking care of one another and making decisions with you in mind.

We are grateful to all of you for your support. Together we can navigate this difficult and uncertain period.

Katrina Beatty