Rochester Regional Health

Roswell Park Gateway Signage

IDS maximizes a branding opportunity for healthcare titan, Rochester Regional Health

Client: Rochester Regional Health
Location: Rochester, NY
Market: Healthcare Campus
Solution: Landmark Identity Signage | Digital Readerboard | Architectural Signs

Rochester Regional HealthRochester Regional Health

IDS managed a team of structural engineers to ensure the channel letter logo installation did not compromise the building’s glass façade.

The IDS Process
  • Site meetings and complex engineering ensured the glass-mounted signs had the required support
  • Completed a viewing distance study to confirm legibility
  • Met engineering challenges as the glass cladding on the building facade could not be touched
  • Photo-realistic 3D renderings were produced for all sites
  • Digital reader board samples
  • Signage fabrication
  • Managed the digital reader board vendor to design and install supporting structures for the boards
About the Project

Integrated health system Rochester Regional Health (RRH) purchased a site previously occupied by a major automotive company research and development center. The location overlooks the main southern gateway access to the city of Rochester, NY. RRH wanted to capitalize on the location with substantial visibility of its brand.

RRH approached ID Signsystms to conduct a design study for signage to meet the goals.

IDS recommended new gateway signage, an illuminated building-mounded channel letter logo sign, and a forty-foot digital readerboard as part of the sign package, with installation designed to provide the best viewing access from Route 390 into Rochester.

Of special consideration was the building-mounted channel letter signage.

The building’s glass façade could not be compromised, presenting an engineering challenge that required complex roof penetrations to hold and support the lettering. Working with structural engineers and steel vendors, IDS  designed a roof-mounted support frame and beam system over the building’s parapet walls and down the front of the glass façade.

The complex design and engineering approach is unique and reflects the high level of sign engineering that IDS specializes in.

Photo-realistic 3D Imaging
Photo-realistic 3D Imaging

3D renderings were produced for all locations along with samples of the digital reader boards.

40 foot x 10 foot Digital Readerboard for RRH
40 foot x 10 foot Digital Readerboard for RRH

We worked with the digital reader board vendor to design and install structures to support the large boards.

Owner Paul Dudley President ID Signsystems

Our Design, Project Management, Engineering, and Fabrication teams developed unique solutions that comprehensively delivered on the client’s request to establish their brand on several unique structures. The level of engineering, led by Bill McMahon and supported by David Dillon, pulled out all the stops to arrive at great signage for RRH.

Paul Dudley, President, ID Signsystems
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