Wayfinding & Identity Systems

No project exemplified IDS’ design facilitation skills like the Gene Polisseni Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Working closely with one of the largest international experiential graphic design firms, IDS was able to match the firm’s design intent. This project’s success paved the way for Entro’s extensive expansion into brand environment projects.


Entro developed a comprehensive brand environment for the athletic center including supergraphics, wayfinding signs, donor panels and interpretive elements. The firm created a program built around RIT’s color and tiger brand. The program included design features that Entro is renowned for including dynamic lenticular identity features and creative adaptations of graphic brand identity.


IDS focused its fabrication efforts on closely matching the designer’s intent, particularly with matching the color and iconography of the system. A constant communication system was built to ensure that these standards were being met at each stage in the development process.


The most important start to the facilitation process is the bid proposal. IDS builds the proposal as a planning document to reassure the end-user and designer that all deliverables are fully understood and there is a process in place for approvals. During the start of the process IDS reviews the entire design intent document to flag any gaps for questions and a discussion of clarity issues. Finally, IDS builds mockups and color matching elements into their approach. This lengthens the project at times but minimizes final mistakes.

The Process

Using Custom Architectural Signs, IDS followed the approach below to deliver an impressive solution to facilitate Entro’s design of the Gene Polisseni Center.

Project Results

Gene Polisseni Center
Rochester Institute of Technology
200 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623

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