Architectural Illuminated Signs & Landmarks

Design Facilitation


Rochester Institute of Technology made a large investment in future innovation with the construction of MAGIC Spell Studios that focuses on the latest media and game technologies and serves as an incubator for new companies. With a new modern building designed by SWBR, RIT was seeking a new sign with a controlled lighting system to match the dynamic activity in the building.


IDS was engaged by the architects to design and develop an innovative brand solution for the building exploring a negative space concept. We worked with the client and architect to create a complete branded experience from the animated exterior sign to unique features like the illuminated ancient spellbook reception desk.


Based on the architects renderings, IDS produced a concept for a sign defined by negative space with light drawing attention to both the sign and building. From this approved approach IDS tested and manufactured the illuminated sign.

The Process of Developing a Controlled Lighting System

IDS designed and built a solution that features a negative space rendition of the word MAGIC internally lit with a sophisticated DMX controlled lighting system linked to the building wide lighting and display system.


RIT MAGIC Spell Studios
300 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, NY 14623

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