Project Description

Custom Architectural Signs

Sign Modification & Rebranding

For Phase I of Hudson Valley Community College‘s exterior signage program, IDS collaborated with the college and design firm Corbin Design to fabricate new college gateway signage and building identification signs. The scope of the project included not only design facilitation, but also all sitework like demolition, excavation, foundation build, new sidewalks and layouts and drainage masonry stonework.  This work at HVCC has been some of the most extensive sitework and installation that IDS has performed to-date.


ID Signsystems was contracted by the Hudson Valley Community College to fabricate and install a new exterior wayfinding system, including several major gateways and building identification signs, according to specified design.

The project was on a short timeline of 120 days from award to full installation.


IDS worked closely with design firm Corbin Design to closely match the specifications in their design intent drawings. This process happened quickly since full engineering drawings were needed to meet County/City/State requirements. IDS also recommended new digital technology for some of the sign pieces and coordinated the complete installation process.


Using our value engineering approach, we ensured all of the specified materials were appropriate for the Phase I project results including selecting stone from a specific quarry to ensure we had visual consistency in the finished product.

The Process

College Gateway Signage and Exterior Wayfinding Process

IDS met the design firm’s design intent with the fabrication and installation of nine sign structures for HVCC’s campus.

Project Results

Hudson Valley Community College

80 Vandenburgh Ave.
Troy, NY 12180

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