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Rochester, New York has a long history of active support and engagement with the US Civil Rights movement. The City of Rochester voted to recognize its historical association with Civil Rights pioneer Frederick Douglass by renaming the airport in his honor.

Greater Rochester International Airport authorities turned to ID Signsystems to modify their recently completed gateway signage. They requested to adapt the original design concept to include the airport’s new name: Frederick Douglass International Airport.


Having designed and built the original airport gateway structure, the renaming process required the IDS design team to revisit its original concept design and re-imagine the design to accommodate the entirely new name. The proportions and lighting design were conceived for a different application, making for a challenging transformation.


The IDS team conceived an additional overlay element that could be added to the existing structure. This approach allowed for a cost-effective solution that could be added to the existing sign with minimal disruption.


LED illumination with push-through graphics were selected as the appropriate process to light the new sign addition.

The Process

Airport Illuminated Gateway Sign Process

IDS created a unique approach to develop an impressive gateway sign and rebranding solution for the ROC airport.

Project Results – Original + Modified Airport Gateway

Frederick Douglass
Greater Rochester International Airport

1200 Brooks Ave., Rochester, NY

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