Why Custom Sign Design Is Best for Businesses

Embarking on new or updated corporate signage, whether indoor or outdoor, is no small undertaking.

The financial investment can be significant depending on the scope of the project (sign size, placement, number of signs, for example). With that size investment, your end product should be of extraordinary quality and unique design. This is only available when opting for custom signage development.

In general, signs have several objectives: 

  • To support and enhance your brand identity
  • To visibly identify a location
  • To effectively give direction 
  • To provide proper and accurate information 

Custom development delivers on these objectives, as well as the following: 

Stand out in the crowd – and from the competition.

The Shops at HighlandCustom development for signs with high visibility allow your business to showcase a finished product unlike any other sign.

With custom development, you don’t get a basic “cookie cutter” sign like the business next door. You get a sign that’s memorable and crafted to your specific needs – one that builds a connection in the minds of customers and visitors. 

Use of innovative technologies.

Bergmann Associates Outdoor SignOne of the unique aspects of custom development for your business sign concept is the use of operational efficiencies and cost savings afforded by todays innovative technologies.

A custom approach allows the designers and fabricators to incorporate complex technologies not customary on standard sign builds.

Custom development allows you and the sign design team to get creative and align the sign’s objectives with those that matter to your business. Some tools we use include: solar, LED or other lighting innovations, atypical building materials, artistic architectural elements, and environmentally sustainable engineering,

Skilled team and dedicated customer service.

A custom approach to sign building is more than a unique sign production technique or newfangled use of modern technologies. It’s a human process that involves collaboration between the client, designers, planners, fabricators and more.

Custom sign creation involves research, planning and management to best achieve the client’s objectives. That happens through more than a few phone calls and email exchanges. It’s a partnership that develops when the client and sign company are in sync to tell a story visually. 

When you opt for a custom build for your commercial sign project you get an exclusive and strategic sign experience.

The team at IDS are experts at custom architectural design projects and wayfinding sign creations — it’s what we do!

Whether you need a stand-out marker for your business or a complex wayfinding sign system, we collaborate with our partners to create brand signage systems that deliver extraordinary results. 

Contact us today to discuss our sign solutions and how we build long-term sign solutions for our clients.

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