patient communication boards

At ID Signsystems, evidence-based design is incorporated into everything we design, and we believe this to be particularly vital for healthcare facilities.

Data supports that there are therapeutic benefits to displaying patient information in an organized and clear manner. This is exactly what is provided with our patented, customizable patient communication boards.

A patient’s care team uses the dry-erase boards to communicate with one another and emphasize patient care. Patients and their families have consistently expressed appreciation for having the most important information well-organized and available at a glance.

9 Tips for Better Patient Communication using Patient Communication Boards:

1. Simplicity is Key for Transparency

Your Patient Communication Boards must convey information in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Keep it simple and use terminology everyone can understand – not just medical professionals. Remember that your audience has varied reading levels, a limited medical vocabulary, and may not be fluent in English.

2. Establish a Unique System

Every healthcare facility operates on systems. Your Communication Boards should adhere to a system that reflects the philosophy, style, and brand identity of your facility. Strive for clarity and consistency in how you structure the information, but stay true to your organization’s uniqueness.

3. Use Visual Cues and Colors

Eliminate misinterpretation or communication errors through the use of clear, understandable visual cues and appropriate colors. By employing universal symbols everyone can relate to – such as the Fall Risk icon, you will also overcome language barriers. Once more, simplicity is essential.

4. Focus on Patient Satisfaction

The enhanced transparency offered by the wise use of Communication Boards promotes open communication between staff, patients, and loved ones. Your commitment to a clear, visually appealing, relatable display of information will likely result in improved patient satisfaction scores.

5. Be Consistent with Branding

Your healthcare facility has a unique brand, image, and message. Consistency is the key to excellent communication, and your Communication Boards should reflect your facility’s identity through the use of graphics, colors, and terminology. ID Signsystems’ patented Communication Boards are designed to be fully customized to fit your individual branding guidelines.

6. Anticipate Change and Potential Expansion

Your facility’s needs will undoubtedly change and grow, and whatever communication device you choose will need to be flexible enough to easily adapt. ID Signsystems’ Communication Boards are able to evolve and adapt to keep pace with changes to procedures and any other changes you experience over time. New inserts can be provided for much less than a whole new system and boards can easily be relocated if necessary.

7. Information Must Be Beneficial

To enjoy the full benefits of your Patient Communication Boards it is vitally important to convey information that will benefit staff, patients, and their loved ones. Make sure that the information displayed is relevant, easy to understand, and beneficial to all. The use of proper information can have a therapeutic value, so develop guidelines of consistency and maintain a focus on patient needs.

8. Make Full Use of Customization Options

The ID Signsystems’ Communication Boards are structured with customized fields to fit your needs. We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop all components; including text fields, graphics, photos, and colors. By involving yourself in establishing the modifications, you will reap the benefits of a product tailored to your unique requirements.

9. Speak to Patients in Their Language

With our fully customizable Communication Board system, you can include two languages side by side on the insert for easy communication between patient and staff or, include multiple inserts in various languages for mutilingual populations. Letting your boards speak to patients in their language removes another barrier to creating the best environment for your patient’s satisfaction.

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